Train Me Mast Chudai Anjanai Ladaki Ki Sex Story (Written In Hindi)

Friends I am Shiv middle aged, happily married business man. I have a close friend since school days called Vikram, living in the city of Tajmahal Agra. He knew about my many girl friends in college and had told his wife about my hot relationships with them. His wife’s name is Anjali a housewife, you know typical Indian woman doing all household jobs, taking care of her only son, husband, guests like her husband’s aunty etc. who visit her occasionally. A true Gharwali.

Once I had some work so I visited my friend Vikram at Agra. He was happy to see me so was Anjali. But he told that he has to visit Jaipur for a week as he is a corporate manager. I was sad but her 35 years old wife Anjali consoled me by saying “You are welcome to spend time with me in our house when you feel bored as I also will be alone.” My friend liked the idea and asked his wife to take care of me in his absence. He left the same evening & we two were left alone.

Anjali is very beautiful & bubbly by nature. Her height is 5’4”, figure is 36”-28”-38” & complexion fair. I thought we will have nice time together,

Anjali prepared sumptuous dinner for us & made her son to sleep. We were sitting in drawing room after dinner & talking about life. She was in black translucent saree & low cut tiny blouse exposing her cleavage & bare back. She was looking stunning with long open black hair. Soon the topic turned to sex chat. Anjali told me she is doing sex chat with many men as she gets bored due to long absence of her husband.

While talking, she let her saree pallu drop & I saw tight blouse failing to hide her big boobs of size 36”. She started rubbing her boobs slowly looking at me seductively & her tongue was seen rubbing her lips. I put my one hand on her thigh & slowly rubbing it encircled her waist with the other hand. Now my hand was caressing her navel, slender waist & tiny blouse at back. She placed her hand on my pant & her fingers opened my zip. She was caressing the bulge in my underwear. I was getting hard. I unhooked & opened her low cut black blouse & saw pyramids of sex; hard & pointed boobs hidden in half cup black net bra, ready to be squeezed. She opened my shirt & threw it away. She was slowly rubbing her palm on my chest. I also unwound her saree & made her lift her gaand & removed her saree. She said let us go to bedroom.

I asked, ”chudaogi?” Anjali said, “Ye bhi koi poochhne ki baat hai?”

While going to bed room, I kissed her on her lips, neck, cheeks & she kissed my lips & hairy chest, putting her arms around my neck. I gently put her on king size bed.

We lay on bed side by side & smooched hard. By now she removed my pant & I unclipped her bra. Her boobs were like filled milk pots. White boobs with 2” black areola & long tits. Now I had no patience & sucked her boobs hard, twisting the nipples of her boobs. She was moaning “aah aaahhh. Slowly” I said, “Inhen kaat lunga.” She said, “They are yours darling do what you like.” She removed my underwear & made me naked. I lifted her petticoat up to thighs & was amazed to see her marble thighs of Agra. I kissed her from toes to thighs. Then I opened naada of her petticoat slid it down and saw the naked beauty. She was like sex Goddess. White long legs, thick thighs, moti gaand. Her pussy was already dripping wet.

She had shaved that day & her Bur was smooth. I like shaved pussy & here it was for me to suck! I inserted a finger in her pussy and simultaneously kissed her thighs & legs. She was moaning & holding my head and asking me to put my tongue in her pussy. I put my tongue & started fucking her by my tongue. She was in heaven.

Now I stood in front of her and she encircled my lund in her hand and started masturbating me. Then she kissed my lund & gave me the best blow job I ever had. Her tongue was kissing my thighs, my balls & she was flicking her tongue on my hard shaft. I lied flat on the bed and allowed her to suck me. Then she climbed me put her both legs on my both sides & lie down on me. We kissed lips to lips embracing each other. Gradually she slid on me till my cook was in line with her pussy. I felt the warm pussy kissing my cock.

With one hand Anjali put my lund and guided it to her bur. Lund was happy to see her lovely wet Bur & entered it. She started jumping up & down taking my 6“long lund in her bur.

She was ecstatic & shouting “Fuck me hard you chuddakad. My choot has been waiting for your lund since long.” I was kneading her boobs which became red. I put one hand on her waist and back and was enjoying her soft flesh. She put her both hands on my shoulders and was jumping furiously. Her long hair was fluttering in air & her choochis dangling in front of me. I was enjoying the sight of her fucking & holding her mumme in my hands & squeezing them. She was moaning loudly “aaahhh oooohhhh fuck me hard. Hold me tight.” I was supporting her from below her ass which is round & full.

After long time she said I am Cumming I also came to discharge. I asked her should I cum in her pussy?

She said “No dear I may become pregnant, cum on my face.”

I put her down, she was lying flat on bed I came on top of her put my legs on her sides & gave my throbbing lund in her hand. She immediately put my lund in between her boobs & asked me to fuck her boobs holding both boobs together in her hands. I put my lund between her choochis and did boob fucking.

After some time she put my lund in her mouth & gave me again good blow job. I was already very excited & soon came to climax ejaculating loads of cum on her face. But Anjali had other ideas she did not want me to waste a drop of my cum and put my dick in her mouth & sucked me dry. She said her husband does not do mouth fucking so she is thirsty of cum.

We went to bathroom to wash ourselves and ended up bathing together. I rubbed soap on her body & she cleaned my lund lovingly. But there I saw her beautiful Gaand. What a shape! It was like big balls ready to be handled. I told her I want to fuck her ass. She said she has never taken any lund in her virgin ass. I applied soap in her ass hole and slapped it. It became red. I inserted a finger and lubricated her ass hole. Now she herself was pleading with me to fuck her ass and tear it.

Making her bend forward, I held my erect lund in my hand and put it slowly in her ass hole. She cried a little bit but relaxed her gaand allowing my lund to enter inside. Now I was fucking her ass. She was also enjoying. She was shouting, “Mar lo meri gaand, mere husband ne kabhi nahi maari, tum pahle aadmi ho jis se mein apni kunwari gaand marwa rahi huin. Ah kitna maza aa raha hai gaand marwane mein. Haan pelo raja pelte raho aaj phad do meri gaand” After long ass fucking I ejaculated in her ass. We were so happy to have fucking in bathroom that we hugged each other smooching.

After that hard fucking we decided to relax & went to bed room naked. I lifted her in my arms and put her on bed. We embraced each other & took some rest, before starting again. That night we fucked 4 times. I was amazed at her appetite for sex. She asked me to come for next one week daily after finishing my work during day and take her to heaven every night. .

She also took promise to come more often to Agra & fuck her when her husband Vikram is on business tours.

She also gave me her Mobile No. so that we can be in touch and do erotic chatting and also plan to do chudaai in the absence of her husband. She is very horny and wants group sex with 2 or 3 lunds together. She asked me to bring one of my close friends next time to fuck her with me simultaneously.

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